Welcome to MIRAI

MIRAI seminar: Moving together towards a sustainable future, Sweden, November 2019

MIRAI – Connecting Swedish and Japanese universities through research, education and innovation is a three-year project with the main aim to foster academic collaboration between Sweden and Japan.

Updated information about funding opportunities for collaboration between Swedish and Japanese universities can be found here.

From 11-14 November 2019, the final MIRAI seminar will take place in Stockholm/Uppsala, Sweden, bringing together early career researchers, university management, funding agencies and decision makers to continue discussions about future joint academic collaboration in the fields of Ageing, Materials Science and Sustainability.

After a day of plenary presentations and discussions, researchers will have the opportunity to discuss joint research activities during two days. In addition, a joint workshop on the NABC method will be held together with the Innovation group. The seminar programme and other relevant information can be found here.

During the past three years, activities such as seminars and workshops have been carried out with the main aim to bring researchers together to develop new or deepen existing research collaboration. Furthermore in total six short courses for PhDs and Post-Docs will have been implemented by the end of the project, educating our future research leaders and contributing to lasting collaborations between young and upcoming scientists.

The MIRAI project is funded jointly by STINT, seven Swedish and eight Japanese universities and with financial support from the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).