MIRAI – Connecting Swedish and Japanese universities through research, education and innovation is a three-year project addressing scientific issues within Ageing, Materials Science and Sustainability, relevant to both countries.

The MIRAI project aims to contribute to long-term collaborations and research excellence between Sweden and Japan through

– activities in research, education and innovation
– preparing the next generation of researchers

The main objectives of the project are to:
– Strengthen collaboration between Japanese and Swedish universities .
– Provide researchers at an early stage of their career with knowledge, contacts and networks to become future leaders of joint Swedish and Japanese research and education activities.
– Identify areas of common interest between Swedish and Japanese universities for long-term research and education collaboration activities.
– Encourage joint research activities in relevant fields using Swedish and Japanese large-scale research facilities.
– Initiate a dialogue between Swedish and Japanese funding agencies for future joint funding opportunities.
– Understand how innovation systems work in Japan and Sweden.
– Increase the understanding for each other’s culture and societal conditions as the basis for future cooperation activities.
– Promote Sweden and Japan as destinations for research and higher education.