MIRAI Project Coordinator Sweden
Petra Moser-Noergaard

MIRAI Project Coordinator Japan
Branko Aleksic and June Iwatsuki

MIRAI External Stakeholder Coordinator
Sonia Coelho Sutton


Participating universities

Chalmers University of Technology
Scientific Committee Anders Palmqvist
Ageing Morten Fjeld (SSC-Chair)
Materials Science Aleksandar Matic (SSC)
Sustainability Anna Martinelli
Project manager Jacqueline Plette

Linköping University
Scientific Committee Ulf Karlsson
Ageing Andreas Motel Klingebiel
Materials Science Ulf Karlsson (SSC-Chair)
Sustainability Björn Ola Linner (SSC)
Project manager Helena Balogh

Lund University (coord.)
Steering Committee Stacey Ristinmaa Sörensen
Scientific Committee Viktor Öwall
Ageing Susanne Iwarsson (SSC)
Materials Science Heiner Linke
Sustainability Frank Lipnizki
Project manager Henrik Hofvendahl

Stockholm University
Scientific Committee Karin Bergmark
Ageing Stefan Fors (SSC)
Materials Science Aji Mathew
Sustainability Georgia Destouni (SSC)
Project manager Elisabet Idermark

Umeå University
Scientific Committee Gregory Neely
Ageing Anna Sundström
Materials Science Ove Andersson (SSC)
Sustainability Danny Chun Pong Lau
Project manager Jenny Ahlinder

University of Gothenburg
Scientific Committee Mattias Goksör
Ageing Boo Johansson
Materials Science Peter Thomsen
Sustainability Merritt Polk (SSC)
Project manager Kristin Radesjo

Uppsala University
Scientific Committee Leif Kirsebom
Ageing Martin Ingelsson & Joakim Bergström (SSC)
Materials Science Kristina Edström (SSC)
Sustainability Anna Rutgersson (SSC-Chair)
Project manager Ulrica Ouline

Hiroshima University
Scientific Committee Yasushi Maruyama
Sustainability Toshinori Tsuru (SSC)
Project manager Hiroshima University

Hokkaido University
Scientific Committee Masanori Kasahara
Materials Science Yasuchika Hasegawa and Kazuki Sada (SSC)
Project manager Hokkaido University

Kyushu University
Scientific Committee Sanae-I. ITOH
Materials Science Nobuo Kimizuka (SSC-Chair)
Sustainability Shigenori Fujikawa (SSC)
Project manager Suenaga Saori

Nagoya University (coord.)
Scientific Committee Hideki Kasuya
Ageing Masafumi Kuzuya(SSC)
Project manager Branko Aleksic and June Iwatsuki

Sophia University
Scientific Committee Kazuhiro Ema
Materials Science Hideki Kuwahara (SSC)
Sustainability Tielong Shen (SSC-Chair)
Project manager Shunichi Horiuchi

The University of Tokyo
Scientific Committee Takehiko Kitamori
Ageing Yuto Kitamura (SSC)
Project manager The University of Tokyo

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Scientific Committee Makoto Ando
Sustainability Hidetoshi Sekiguchi (SSC)
Project manager Tokyo Institute of Technology

Waseda University
Scientific Committee Masahiko Gemma
Ageing Toru Asahi (SSC-Chair)
Project manager Waseda University