Welcome to MIRAI

Mirai means future in Japanese

Connecting Swedish and Japanese universities through research, education and innovation

MIRAI is a collaboration between 17 Swedish and Japanese universities, aiming to contribute to long-term research collaboration and to promote Sweden and Japan as nations of world-leading large-scale research infrastructure.

The third phase of MIRAI (2024-2026) embarks on a bold mission to focus on global challenges, to be tackled collaboratively. By this, MIRAI aspires to contribute not only to the Sweden-Japan collaborations but also to global issues that should be discussed and handled across nations on the international scale. 

The following advanced goals have been set for the third phase of MIRAI: 

  • Contribute to solving global challenges by setting up groups where researchers from MIRAI universities work together across and beyond institutions, countries, disciplines and sectors. 
  • Create an environment to promote long-term research collaborations. 
  • Facilitate PhD student and researcher mobility. 
  • Promote innovation and entrepreneurship in education and research and facilitate joint efforts between academia, industry and external partners. 

The main activities of MIRAI are the Research & Innovation Week that will take place in 2026, global challenge seminars, skillset training sessions, promoting the mobility of early career researchers, and seed-funding to support promising collaborative initiatives. View our pages about project activities, workshops and funding for more information and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

What can MIRAI do for you?

Join MIRAI to:

  • Expand your network and find new collaboration partners in Sweden and Japan
  • Participate in joint activities/workshops
  • Access funding such as travel grants, seedfunding for research collaborations and for academia-industry
  • collaboration
  • Present your research
  • Connect with industry and funding agencies

Highlights from the MIRAI 2.0 Research and Innovation Week 2023