MIRAI celebrates 150 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan, 9-12 October, Tokyo, Japan

From 9-12 October researchers, university leaders, funding agencies, government officials and other interested parties from Sweden and Japan will meet in Tokyo, Japan to discuss Sustainable Social System and Technology for Ageing Society as well as current research issues within Ageing, Materials Science and Sustainability and an Innovation Perspective for the Future for Sweden and Japan.
More information about the seminar can be found here.
The scientific topics of the seminar workshops are:

– New Technologies for the Ageing Society
– Health Promotion for the Ageing Society (biometrical aspects)
Contact: Waseda University and Chalmers University of Technology
Materials Science
– Advanced characterization of materials and surfaces
– Bioinspired materials
Contact: Kyushu University and Linköping University
– Environment & water resources
– Sustainable energy
– Emerging technology for sustainability (including membrane)
Contact: Sophia University and Uppsala University

MIRAI – Swedish-Japanese Strategic University Collaboration

Contact information:
MIRAI Project Coordinator Sweden
Umeå University

MIRAI Project Coordinator Japan
Kyushu University