Academia/Industry Matchmaking Event, June 10

The MIRAI2.0 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advisory Group (IEAG) organises a matchmaking event that will offer a great opportunity for academics, researchers, and industrial players from both countries to network, present research progress and address new challenges, while identifying potential ideas for future collaboration and seed projects.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Healthcare for Older Populations

One of the main social challenges and opportunities that Sweden and Japan have in common is their ageing populations. While there are reasons to celebrate the fact that individuals live longer, it also comes with a responsibility to make sure that the years added are valuable and add quality of life.

Artificial Intelligence has potential to create radical developments in supporting the wellbeing among our ageing population by establishing quicker, cheaper, and more effective identification of health issues but also improving the daily life of our growing older population to match their needs to maintain independent living.

During the event you will be able to exchange experiences and ideas and discuss possible future research and collaboration along the following four themes:

Citizen Science

How can citizen science be used as a venue where researchers, practitioners and end users meet to co-create solutions to meet the needs of our older population?

Assisting and robotized technologies:

How can assisting and robotized technologies help improve the quality of life and the well-being of the ageing population?

Precision Medicine:

How can AI be utilized to improve and match the needs for each individual (precision medicine) to create interventions to improve for example memory and/or physical fitness?

Online assessments and treatments:

How can developments in AI enabled data driven learning and reasoning be used for personalized online medical assessments and treatments for the ageing population to maintain independent living?

The event is funded by VINNOVA, the Sweden’s innovation agency that administers national funding for research and development. Following the matchmaking event, a call for proposals to award funding to new collaborations between Sweden and Japan in AI, Ageing, Sustainability, Materials Science and Innovation/Entrepreneurship will be launched.


This event is open to academics, researchers, and representatives from companies/industry in Sweden and Japan both within and outside the MIRAI 2.0 consortium.

Registration deadline: June 6

Non-MIRAI 2.0 members

Academics and representatives from outside the MIRAI 2.0 consortium sign up for the event by clicking on the registration button below.

MIRAI 2.0 members

Participants from MIRAI 2.0 universities join this event as part of R&I week. More information and registration is available on the MIRAI 2.0 R&I Week page.

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