MIRAI 2.0 (2020-2023)

More than 50 new research projects have been initiated since 2021 when MIRAI launched its first call for Japanese-Swedish collaborative projects. Involving over 138 researchers from MIRAI’s member universities, including early career researchers, doctoral students and industrial partners, these projects play a key role in advancing the scientific collaboration between Sweden and Japan. Click on each of the thematic areas below for more details about the projects.

Quotes from researchers

“I believe that the differences between our countries can contribute to novel solutions, and it will make us think about our research area in a different way than we are used to.”

” We developed this project into long-term research collaboration with the support by Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research, applications Forte (Sweden) and THE KAJMA FOUNDATION (Japan) to enable us to continue our work together.”

“The project contributed to new possible collaborations between Sweden and Japan in the field of advanced energy management/control systems and even attracted the interest from well-recognized universities from Germany and Norway.”

 ”I would like to recommend more researchers to participate in MIRAI because, as I mentioned, you can meet some researchers with different expertise. I believe such meeting will contribute to the enormous progress of your research.”

”This project started in 2021 thanks to MIRAI2.0 seed funding. There was no previous collaboration; the establishment of the working group is a result of MIRAI2.0 ‘s successful work to bring together researchers from Japan and Sweden but also to bring researchers together on a national basis.”